Silent Auction

2018 Seatoun School Gala Silent Auction
11am – 2:30pm in Room 4

lease find above links to documents by category that list items donated to date for the Silent Auction at the Seatoun School Gala on Sunday 11 March 2018.
We would like to thank all the businesses and families who have donated these fantastic prizes.
Bids prior to Gala Day:
If you would like to place bids before Gala Day, you can do this in two ways:

  1. Email including: the auction item number, a brief description of the item, your name and contact number, and the amount you wish to bid. Closure for all email bids is 5pm on Saturday 10 March 2018.
  2. Complete a bid form and put it in the box at the School Office. A separate bid form must be completed for each auction item.

Please note that the organisers of the Auction have the right to add, amend or withdraw items from the auction.
We are still receiving donations all the time so check out the auctions on Gala Day to see new items.
Don’t forget to view the live auction items also listed in a separate document!

Silent Auction Rules

All of the items below will be auctioned by Silent Auction from 11am to 2.30pm in Classroom 4 on Sunday 11 March 2018. The silent auction will operate like a closed tender. All bids will be placed in a box and will not be disclosed at time of bidding. At the closure of the auction, all bids will be reviewed by the Auctions Team. Winning bidders will be contacted and asked to collect their prizes and make payment.
The rules and conditions of the Silent Auction are as follows:

  1. Subject to the reserve price being met, the highest bidder must pay for the auction item.
  2. If the top bid for any item is tied, the successful bidder will be drawn at random.
  3. If you have the highest bid on more than one item, you have the option to withdraw any of your bids. You will not however be entitled to withdraw all your bids. If you cannot be contacted (using the contact details provided on your bid) within one hour of the auction closing, this condition will not apply, and condition 1 above will apply to all successful bids. For example:
    • a bidder with two successful bids, may withdraw one bid.
    • a bidder with three successful bids may withdraw up to two bids.
  4. Payment must be made on the day of the Gala unless alternative arrangements have been made.