Zone Information

A defined zone governs enrolments to Seatoun School. All children living within the zone are entitled to attend the school. Out-of-zone placements can only be made if the Board of Trustees deems that spaces are available. All out-of-zone places are advertised and strict criteria and process is followed for allocation. All Ministry of Education guidelines must be adhered to.

All ‘In-Zone’ families must complete the Enrolment Questionnaire and sign the Address Verification Form upon enrolment. These forms are included in the Information Pack. Documentation showing proof of residence at in-zone address is also required. For further information including a map of the school zone, please refer to our website or contact the school office.

All paperwork should be completed and handed to the school office at the time of your child’s pre-school visits.
To check that your address is in zone, please check on the enrolment scheme information provided on our own map and this page.  Alternatively, you can go to and enter your address to see whether you are in our school zone.