Dyslexia Support

Seatoun School is a Dyslexia-friendly school. We are dedicated to providing equitable opportunities for all students, and as part of this we are committed to taking action for Dyslexia and continuing to build on the resources that we provide.

Currently, all classrooms provide innovative and creative teaching strategies to engage and meet the learning needs of all students, and we use a number of strategies that specifically support learners with Dyslexia. These include differentiated planning, alternatives to writing with pen and paper, clear visuals, peer work, and multi-sensory techniques among others. We work hard to celebrate differences and support all students to be recognised for their areas of expertise and strengths.

Teachers partake in regular professional development around supporting learners with Dyslexia and aim to ensure that their classrooms are Dyslexia friendly. This is ongoing. It allows the staff to continue to build-upon their practice and knowledge,and to keep up with the current evidence-based tools and strategies.

Although most student needs can be catered for within the day-to-day classroom teaching programme, for students who require an adjusted classroom programme, we meet with parents and specialists involved to formulate an Independent Education Plan (IEP). This is reviewed regularly. Students with Dyslexia are also part of team targets, and this ensures that resources and strategies adopted by classroom teachers and specialists directly target this cohort of learners.

Additional to classroom teaching, we have specialist teachers that work 1-1 with students where needed, and we have a SPELD tutor that comes to school regularly. The school is also currently piloting a Feuerstein programme which has shown positive outcomes for students with Dyslexia. There is a recently established parent support group which aims to provide a platform for parents of students with Dyslexia to share ideas and resources and support one another on the learning journey.

In addition to these Dyslexia friendly approaches, we have a number of enrichment and support programmes that we may offer to individual students.

Teachers also refer to the Inclusive Education Dyslexia and Learning section for additional resources.

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