Our Location And Facilities

We have a proud and continued tradition of being a focal point in the community and have always enjoyed a high level of community involvement.  Our school was established in 1916 as a ‘side school’ to Worser Bay. In 1921 Seatoun was recognised as a separate school and in April 2002 we moved into our wonderful new facilities on the old Fort Dorset site.

The shift to this site and purpose built facility in 2001 provides students and teachers with a very special and privileged learning environment. The award winning building was designed to fit into, and compliment the raw natural beauty of the site. Beautifully placed on the water’s edge at the entrance of Wellington harbour, we are open to the variety and extremes of the Wellington weather. This place is both stimulating and good for the soul.

The school is positioned on its own road, making it much safer for children and pedestrians. It also provides significantly more than usual parking for parents before and after school.

We enjoy a large playing field and are one of the few primary schools able to host our own athletic sports, cross-country and other sporting events. The grounds provide ample space and opportunity for both formal and imaginative play, and have been enhanced by a range of play structural equipment for the children to enjoy.

The school comprises 17 classrooms, a well-appointed and stocked library, a number of group teaching/meeting rooms and a huge, well equipped hall. Adjoining the hall is the Arts and Technology Centre. This fantastic facility has a music/drama room, an art/technology room and a food technology kitchen.

Our school was designed so that children and staff can access all rooms internally – a real bonus on a ‘wild Wellington day!’ It is spacious and light and has lift access [if required] to the first floor.

We are very fortunate to have the most amazing location and facilities. A picture tells a thousand words, so review our location and buildings through the below images.