After School Care

Seatoun School After School Care and Holiday Programme is for students that are enrolled at Seatoun School.

After School Care runs Monday to Friday from 2.55pm – 6:00pm, during term time. Once we have this up and running, we plan to also offer holiday programmes for one week of each term break and the two weeks before the school year starts.  

Our Manager and supervisors provide high-quality care on a day to day basis, with oversight from the Principal.  Our staff ratios are 1:10.


Our Programme

The programme has a variety of activities on offer to suit the age group and energy levels of the students. There is a designated homework / quiet time each day, so your child’s home learning can be tackled by the time they get home. If they do not have any home learning, then they are asked to read (or be read to) and other quiet activities for the 30 minutes.  There are also opportunities to take part in art and craft sessions and even cooking, as well as being physically active and having downtime.  Afternoon tea of fruit, crackers and toast is provided.

Being based at school, we will also have access to other school resources and from time to time we may offer other afternoon choices such as using our sphero coding robots etc.

After School Care Contacts

Manager Jen Charlton – 022 328 3785


If your child is unable to attend on any given day, please advise via email or text by 9am on the morning of the programme.

Daily Structure

Session Activity
3.00pm – 3.45pm.       

Roll, afternoon tea then free play


3:45pm–4:15pm Homelearning, quiet reading or other quiet activity
4:15pm–5:30pm Activity time: arts and crafts, games, sports, toys etc
5:30pm–6:00pm Wind-down time

Attendance and Fees

Students can attend part-time or full time. Casual places may be available depending on space.

We work in with our other after school providers so your child can learn an instrument, be part of the French club or Coding Club.  For a full list of Out of School options see here.   

Fee structure

We ask that you book in advance for the full term if possible although we will take enrolments part way through the term as long as spaces are available. Fees will be disbursed to the student’s account at the start of the term and the fee structure is as follows:


1 child charge per day for regular booking 2 children charge per day for regular booking 3 children charge per day for regular booking
3-6pm   $26  $40 $50 

Policies and Procedure – Click here to see a full set of our policies and procedures

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Would my 4 year old son be able to attend the after school programme?

No, this is only available for students enrolled at our school.


  • As I am a shift worker – would there be flexibility to have different days each week?

Our priority is enrolling students that will attend five days a week, then 4 days a week, then 3 days a week etc.  If we have the capacity, we will be as flexible as possible.  Based on the indicated demand, we will be quite full.


  • Over the summer holidays, most school holiday programmes finish at the end of January. It would be helpful if the Seatoun School programme could run right up until Seatoun School starts back so that parents don’t have to take further annual leave during the first week of February. Thanks.

Yes, we plan to run our own programme, based on demand, for at least the week before our school starts back, possibly two. We also plan to run a programme for one week of the term breaks throughout the year.


  • The main thing for me is to be able to put them in casually on a daily basis rather than all the time as I would need every other Friday but not sure if this is possible. Many thanks

Only if we have capacity will we be able to take casual enrolments.  


  • Is there an option to do say 1 hour or 2 rather than full 3 hours after school care

Yes, parents can collect whenever they want.  For our planning purposes, we would appreciate knowing in advance.


  • Would you look to partner with an organisation like Kelly Sports/Skids? 

The Board has reviewed outside providers and at this time, decided that the best option for our school will be to offer our own in-house programme.


  • Where is it based in the school?

We use the Multipurpose, Food Technology and Music Room as our base.  We may also use the Library.  We will also have access to the Hall (after sports practice end at 4pm) and the school playground facilities.


  • Can my child/ren attend a guitar, keyboard, drum,  french, coding lesson and still attend after school care?

 Yes, we can accommodate this and will collect/deliver students to and from these lessons.  There will be no reduction in the daily charge for the after school care programme.