General Information

Thank you for considering us as a potential school for your child. The Board of Trustees and staff are committed to providing our students with a quality education that reaches the highest possible standards. Seatoun School is zoned. We have a Google Map where you can see if you are within the zone and if not, please refer to the Out of Zone page for further details.


We ask that parents enrol their child well in advance so class visits and planning can be made. Please note that a New Zealand Birth Certificate must be provided before a child may be enrolled. For children born overseas a Passport or other proof of residency status is required. Children who are not New Zealand citizens, or who do not have the appropriate residency entitlement, cannot be enrolled. In addition to the Birth Certificate requirement, outlined above, the child’s Immunisation Certificate is also required for New Entrant enrolments along with a copy of a utilities bill as proof of address.
Please complete the Enrolment Forms as soon as possible and return them to the school office.

An enrolment pack can be picked up from the school office or accessed below.

Iwi Affiliation

If you have any iwi affiliation it is important that this information is recorded in the appropriate space on the enrolment form.

New Entrant School Visits

All children start school on their birthday and are offered two school visits before they start.
This is arranged prior to the child’s starting date.  An introduction letter with their visit dates will be sent to you via email and/or post.  School visits are a good way to help make the transition to school a happy and easy time for your child.

The visits are also a chance for your child to:

  • Meet and develop a relationship with the teacher
  • Meet and make friends with other children who will be in their class
  • Become familiar with the classroom routines and activities
  • Become familiar with the school environment
  • Begin to develop confidence to become independent at school 

For children starting school at an age other than 5, we will arrange a visit to assist with transition.

We have also put together a list of commonly asked questions for your information.

The Principal welcomes the opportunity to meet with all families and show everyone around our school and answer questions.