Donations and Fee Payments

School Donation

This tax-deductible donation is used to pay for our full-time librarian, teacher aide support [to reduce class sizes] and if possible additional resources. After thorough consultation the BOT received overwhelming support to set the donation at the level necessary to meet the costs of the addition personnel and teaching resources.

The current donation is:

  • $535 per year [$133.75 per term] for the first child
  • $505 per year [$126.25 per term] for the second child
  • $475 per year [$118.75 per term] for the third child

The donation is ‘capped’ at a maximum of $1400 per family; but as it is a donation, parents may, as some do, choose to make a donation in excess of this figure.


If your child starts school in the first half of a term, you will be invoiced for all of that term. If your child starts in the second half of a term, you will be invoiced for half of that term.

Activity Fee

Our teaching programme includes activities and visits outside the school as well as performers and visitors brought into the school. To cover the costs of these events and activities there is an activity fee.

The fee for Year 0-4 students is, $27.50 per term per child [$110 per annum]

The fee for Year 5-8 students is $30.00 [$120 per annum]

The school needs to recover the costs of these expenses and 5% of these fees are to cover the annual costs for replacing Civil Defence Supplies.

Year 7 & 8 Enrichment Programme Fee

Our senior students are required to pay an additional $100 per annum fee to help offset the costs of their Enrichment Programme.

These costs include bus transport to Rongotai College, materials and staff to take the food technology group.

Ways to pay

Fees can be paid in the following ways.

  • Automatic Payment.
  • Cash, cheque or Eftpos payment at the school office.
  • Internet Banking to Seatoun School BOT

If you are using online banking, please ensure you include your child’s surname and reason for payment in the reference section.  Email the office at for bank account details.