Board of Trustees

Seeking election onto the Board of Trustees [BOT] is the most formal means of involvement in the school. The BOT is the school’s governing body and members work closely with management at a strategic level. Board meetings are advertised in advance and are open to the public.

Chairperson’s Welcome

The Seatoun School Board of Trustees (the Board) is the elected group of parents and staff representatives who have the responsibility for the governance of our school.

The school’s successes result from an effective and ongoing partnership between the Ministry of Education, the Board, the Principal, the staff, the students, their parents, caregivers and families and the wider Seatoun community.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated and motivated principal and staff. Our children achieve in all areas. With the continued commitment and support of the whole school and community we can achieve our aim to cater for each student’s individual needs and ensure that all reach their full potential both during their time at Seatoun School and in the future.

Seatoun School is rated by the Government as a decile 10 school. This means we receive substantially less funding than other schools based on the expectation that our location in a high socio/ economic area gives us greater access to financial and other resources. Your contribution in terms of time, skills and money are more than just a bonus to the school – they are critical for the effective day to day running and are a key ingredient in the delivery of the highest quality education to your child or children.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and to establishing a positive, enjoyable and mutually rewarding relationship with you and your family.

Charlotte Brook

— Seatoun School Board of Trustees

Seatoun School Strategic Plan 2024-2025

A copy of the Seatoun Schools Strategic Plan can be downloaded as a pdf here.


Introducing our Board of Trustees Parent Reps

It is a great privilege to serve on the Board of Trustees of Seatoun School. I have three young sons, two of whom are already at Seatoun School and one who will be joining in 2020, so I am very invested in the continued success of the school.

I am a lawyer at the Crown Law Office, where I manage one of the Criminal Teams. My background is as a Crown prosecutor but I have also done regulatory work and general public law work. I currently manage a team of about 12 lawyers in Wellington and Auckland. While I would hope there would be no need for my criminal law expertise on the Board, I have a lot of experience resolving disputes and negotiating for good outcomes.

My management role means I also have experience managing budgets and resources, recruiting staff and dealing with general employment matters. We are fortunate to have a wonderful teaching staff and Principal; I see our role as a Board as supporting them to help our children be the best they can be.

BROOK, Charlotte

My name is Nick Conn and my wife Claire and I have 3 boys at Seatoun School – Stanley (year 7), Freddie (year 5) and George (year 2). Our boys have all had an amazing start to their education at Seatoun. I have been impressed by the dedication of the staff and the school’s strong values and leadership.

I am a physiotherapist and business owner. I love my work as I interact daily with staff, patients and clients and meet many interesting people. Since starting the business in 2003, it has grown to employ 35 staff across 3 businesses. Last year we started a social enterprise with the objective of delivering physiotherapy services to communities who face barriers to accessing services. My role requires me to have a broad range of skills including technical, HR, finance, marketing, quality assurance, as well as service development. One of the best things about my work is that it gives me the flexibility to be involved in the boys’ school life.

I am a member of the Institute of Directors and sit on 2 boards and a Finance, Risk and Audit committee.

My interest in education comes from my mum who was a teacher. She taught me that learning never stops and this love of learning and inquiry is something we want our kids to have. Dad taught me to listen to my mum. I’m currently learning Te Reo which is challenging and fun.

One of the many benefits of having three kids is that I have good reach across the Seatoun School community. I would like to see all kids in our school have an opportunity to thrive.

Nga mihi

CONN, Nick
— Tēnā koutou katoa

LOUW, Leana

SMITH, Nolen

My name is Justin Williams and I am fortunate to have been co-opted onto the Board of Trustees since 2019.  My wife Kate and I are always impressed with the growth and confidence year 8 leavers exhibit having been taught at Seatoun School.  Our son Curtis is now in year 6 at Seatoun School and it has been amazing to see these changes in him too.

My primary role is to support our family as a stay-at-home dad, with several research and design projects on the go during the ‘spare time’.  As a professional engineer and a background in environmental science I worked for a consultancy on civil engineering design and build projects.  Following this I moved to the New Zealand Defence Force where I remained for 13 years.

At the Defence Force, I was project manager and a defence expert offering a broad range of skills to simplify and deliver complex projects.  This typically involved identifying the right questions, condensing the information, providing answers for evidence-based decisions within the broader context of contractual, operational, risk and management issues.  My time in Defence also provided insight into the importance of culture, values and teamwork, all great characteristics Seatoun School promotes.

With this background and skill set I was requested to support the school property projects through being co-opted onto the Board.  During this time despite coronavirus limitations, we have delivered many projects including the timely ventilation system.  In 2022 we are also on target to see the classroom modernisation and heating upgrades completed.

It has been a privilege to work closer with the students, teachers and the leadership team at Seatoun School, to ensure they have a great working environment to thrive in.  The schools commitment to the children clearly shows in student and community outcomes.


Key Board Documents
Present Year Annual Report

  • 2022 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year
  • 2021 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year
  • 2020 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year
  • 2019 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year
  • 2018 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year
  • 2017 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year
  • 2016 Annual Report to the MoE This is produced in Jan/Feb of the following academic year